TigerLink: Seamless Graphic System



TigerLink brings together the simplicity of retractable banner stands and the clean look of seamless graphics. 

A truly modular graphic wall system, TigerLink features field-replaceable graphics to ensure you always show the right product to your audience.

  • 33.5"(w) x 82"(h) graphic
  • Overall height 89"
  • 16.5lb weight in carry case
  • Tongue and groove ensures tight fit and good finish
  • User-friendly system to change graphics in the field
  • Flip-out levelling feet


TigerLink Lighting

The TigerLink LED Light is custom designed for the TigerLink, and integrates directly into the support pole — no extra clips required. Put the light where you need it with an adjustable head and extendable arm. The high-CRI bulbs render your colors accurately so your TigerLink will look its best!

Each TigerLink light package comes with one Light, power transformer, extension cord, and packing tube.


Floating Headers

Floating Elements

Add a unique touch to your TigerLink’s skyline with a floating element. Standard shapes include circles, ovals, and rounded rectangles, but don’t forget to ask about custom options!

A great way to set off your logo, or to add a touch of information like “New!”.



TigerLink Casing

In addition to the padded tube each TigerLink comes in, we also offer shipping case options for your entire display.

The Mini Case is our most versatile, and most popular, option. With the ability to pack a 20-foot TigerLink display and convert itself into a counter, with options for stand-off graphics and a monitor stand, the Mini Case is a Swiss Army Knife on the trade show floor.


Extra-Wide Capabilities

TigerLink is expandable to your heart's content – even beyond 100 units! Below you can see a 16-unit TigerLink wall, from T. Rowe Price. Learn more about this unit from our blog.