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Portable Displays

TigerLink Seamless Graphic Wall System

Our Most Portable System. Unlimited linking lets you create walls as large as you need, anywhere. Great for trade shows, job fairs, step-and-repeats, and more.

  • 10-Foot Displays Starting at $1,800
  • and Under 50 Pounds.

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How Can a TigerLink Display Help You?

Easy Seamless Exhibit Walls

Magnets on the edges of the graphics let you easily snap your graphics into perfect alignment.

Scalable Trade Show Displays

By building your trade show display from several pieces, you can use pieces as a separate display. The Left three panels make a great 10-footer!


Dress up your TigerLink display with finishing caps, floating logo headers, shipping cases, counters, monitor stands and more!
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Popular Accessories

Cases and Counters

Lithania Sports crop blog

Monitor Stands

Villa Del Rey Portable Monitor Stand web

Floating Headers

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Easy-to-Use, like a Banner Stand

With the Seamless Graphics You Need

The TigerLink feels familiar to anyone who has used pull-up banner stands -- pull the graphic out of the base and hook the bar on the pole. Ten-foot displays setup in as little as 15 minutes!

Unlimited Linking

Magnetic Graphic Linking for Walls as Long as You Need!

You probably won't have the same space at every show, or maybe you need to grow in the future. No problem – the TigerLink graphic linking system lets you connect as many units together as you need. 

Great for Recruiters

Lightweight Displays with swappable graphics

Having the right display at every show is tough – especially when you're trying to appeal to different kinds of prospective employees. With field-swappable graphics and ultra-lightweight designs, it's easy to keep your recruiting budget under control and and on target.

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How It Works

Instructional Videos

Basic setup, Linking units, accessories, and troubleshooting – the whole collection is available at the link below.

How It Works


  • Height: 89" | 2260mm
  • Width: 33.5" | 850mm
  • Weight (in hard-sided tube): 16.5lb | 7.5kg

An average 10-foot displays weighs under 50lb with TigerLink!

Graphic Dimensions

  • Height: 2175mm | 85.63"
  • Width: 850mm | 33.46"