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TigerLite Samples

Sample Designs and Pricing Ranges

When you buy something custom made, it's hard to know what you're getting for your dollar. To help you get a sense of the value of a TigerLite display, below are some sample designs and the price brackets they fall into.

All pricing is for example only, and may vary based on the selected features and accessories.

Samples and Prices Splash Image

10-Foot Displays

Price Range: $6,500-$12,000

MaxLite crop web


Interchangeable Graphics

Funnelweb Filter crop web

Varied Skylines

Colorado Springs 10 Lite crop web

Heavy Tech-Focused

Skystream 10 crop web

Portable Billboard

Sekisui 10 Volarablock crop web

TigerLite With LightBox

20-Foot Displays

Price Range: $11,000-$24,000

Feenics 20 Lightbox web


OneShield Black Nodes web

Monitor Mounting

Caterpillar 20 w highlighters web

For Internal Usage

Corrona 10x20 caps web

Conference Rooms

Schneeberger show photo

Higher Skylines

AbCam 10x20 with Caps web

Custom Accessories

Larger Displays (30-Foot, Island, etc.)

Price Range: $25,500+

JAMF Island crop web

Floating Ribbons

Brookstone Island 2015

Tall Towers

CarQuest 2018 Reskin web

Great for Peninsulas

Wey Valve Island

Beacons to Draw Visitors

CVG Crop

Integrate with Other Systems

AORN 2018 Front of Booth

Add Backlighting!

Merchandising and Retail

Price Range: $9,900+


Tommy John

Gamehide 20