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Modular Displays

TigerLite Modular Panel System

Our Most Modular System. Low-weight, high-strength panels allow your creativity to run free! Our modular trade show displays have up to 16-foot walls, with options available.

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How Can TigerLite Help You?

Easy, Tool-Free Setup

No-Tools required for setup means you can do it yourself at any show, saving you the expense of hiring show labor every time you use your display.

High-Strength Shelving

TigerLite's Slotwall Panel gives you the flexibility to add high-strength shelving, racks, or other merchandising tools to your display. It's portable retail, wherever your customers are.

Samples and Price Ranges

Click through to see a collection of sample designs and price ranges. Pricing depends on accessories and specific options chosen, and is provided for reference purposes only.

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Interchangeable Graphics

Magnetic Interchangeable Graphics make it easy target the right audience at every show -- it takes just a few seconds to change from one graphic to the next.

Modular and Scalable

Use your modular trade show display from tabletop all the way up to island sizes. A completely modular booth means the display can change sizes to meet that show’s needs.


Wide Range of Accessories

Backlit displays, cases that convert to counters, monitor mounting options, lighting, shelving, cubbies and doors, floating elements and many more!

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Easy, Tool-Free Setup

No tools means no hired labor!

Our Modular Trade Show Booths eliminate costly assembly with simple nodes and panels. Assembling your trade show booth has never been easier because the carrying case also doubles as a step stool for assembling top pieces.

Our Modular Trade Show Booths can be assembled at a rate of 10 feet per hour, by 1 person. Get the team involved for extremely efficient and fast booth assembly.

Merchandising for All Products

High-strength slotwall shelving and more

Tiger Presentation’s Modular Trade Show Booths are compatible with easy-to-use slot wall paneling. Slot wall panels and shelves enable brands to have adequate shelf-space to display products or materials.

The Slotwall Panel is compatible with most standard slat-wall merchandising tools, like waterfall brackets, slanted shelves, hooks, and more.

Interchangeable Graphics

Target the right audience at every show.

Why spend thousands of dollars to have a unique booth for every show? Magnetic interchangeable graphics allow TigerLite booths to update in seconds, and at a fraction of the cost.

Sell to different audiences at different shows? Have the right product and the right messaging for every show, without buying a whole new booth or all-new graphics.

Modular and Scalable

Your tool at every show!

The TigerLite panel and node system allows Modular Trade Show Booth owners to expand and reduce the display as needed. By buying one display, organizations can serve all their trade show display needs!

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Templates and Graphic Guidelines

TigerLite graphic templates are each custom made for your display – to learn more, visit our Graphics page.

Graphics & Templates

Project Gallery

Find out what sorts of things are possible, or get inspired for your next project by taking a spin through our high-res gallery.

Project Gallery

Free Trade Show Design Software

Create the booth you want with our free trade show booth rendering software. When you're finished, you can request a quote from right inside the software!

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Free Trade Show Design eBook

Out of your comfort zone? We get it. Our trade show display design guide starts with the basics and works up from there.

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