At Tiger Presentations, we pride ourselves on continually innovating to meet the needs of our customers.  Many of our greatest innovations came as a direct response to the concerns or requests of clients for solutions to the problems they faced.  

In 2007, we first started selling a product called ThatLiteThing in the North American market.  We loved the ease-of-use and versatility of the "panel and node" system.  But even when it was a new product, we discovered that our clients had additional needs, so our innovation took over!

  • 2008 – Large trade show shipping case that converted to a counter
    Waiting for cases drove our customers crazy.  By converting to a counter, they don't have to send their casing away!

  • 2009 – Small case-to-counter conversion
    We brought our case-to-counter conversion to a smaller size – and that allows you to ship with UPS!

  • 2010 – Large monitor supports, no need for a separate stand.
    Monitor supports for up to 65" screens, integrated right into our panel designs.

  • 2010 – Free design software for clients to collaborate on their own designs.
    By giving our clients the ability to design and see their display in 3D, they are able to adjust their exhibit and understand what it will look like.

  • 2010 – Interchangeable graphics
    Investing in a trade show display is made tougher when you have to commit to one design.  Being able to change the graphics on a display gives our customers the ability to use it for specific audiences.

  • 2011 – Storage for monitors in casing alongside an exhibit
    Every extra piece you ship to the trade show floor costs money, so putting your monitor together with your display is a no-brainer.

  • 2012 – Canopies
    Canopies open up new looks for the top of the display, helping to distinguish you from your neighbors.

  • 2013 – Slotwall shelving
    Now in its second generation, slotwall shelving was our response to exhibitors who wanted to set up pop-up stores.  Our shelves hold 70 pounds, giving you the opportuntity to sell more and heavier items than ever before.

  • 2014 – Tiger Presentations buys ThatLiteThing, changes name to TigerLite
    "I liked it so much, I bought the company!"

  • 2014 – Graphic caps to create a clean look
    One of the long-standing comments our customers had was that they didn't like the look of the circular nodes in the middle of a graphic.  We added vinyl graphic-covered caps to our lineup for a clean, polished look.

  • 2015 – Tension fabric integration
    Tension fabric adds a new texture to our arsenal of tools, giving you even more options for your booth.

  • 2016 – Backlit, lightweight LightBox for big impact
    As the trend of backlit displays continues to sweep the exhibiting world, we're proud to have created such a lightweight, bright solution – 50% brighter than the industry average.  10 pounds, 10 minute setup, and no fussy silicone edge graphics (SEGs)!

  • 2017 and beyond – What do YOU need?