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Tiger Exhibit Solutions

We offer two exhibit systems, both of which are Tool-Free, Easy to Setup, and Modular.

The difference is weight and customization! How much impact do you want to have on the show floor?

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Ultra-Portable, Lightweight Graphic Wall System

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Our Most Portable System

  • Under 50lb per ten feet
  • 8-foot height limit
  • Carrying bags or rotomolded cases on wheels for easy transport
  • Setup – under 30 minutes per 10 feet
  • Some custom elements to help you stand out from the crowd
  • Excellent for Rep Groups and linear events


Portable Displays


Modular System for All Sizes, From Tabletop to Island

JAMF Island


Our Most Modular System

  • Weighs 150lb–225lb per ten feet
  • Displays up to 15 feet tall
  • Rotomolded cases on wheels for easy transport
  • Setup – 1 hour per ten feet
  • Wide array of custom elements to help you stand out from the crowd
  • Backlit LightBox displays
  • Locking full-height and cubby doors
  • Goes from Linear to Island with ease


Modular Displays


Try Something New, Without the Commitment

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Rentals – TigerLink or TigerLite

Try Before You Buy

Buying a new trade show display is often a daunting and expensive process -- and what happens if you don't like your purchase after all? Renting is a great way to learn what works for you while staying easier on the wallet.

  • Rentals are great for one-off large displays without the long term commitment
  • Rental-to-Purchase options available if you fall in love with your Tiger display.

Link or Lite

Rental Displays