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Trade Show Marketing Solutions

We offer three exhibit systems, all of which are Tool-Free, Easy to Setup, and Modular. We have trade show displays for any price range!

The differences are weight, customization, and backlighting! How much impact do you want to have on the show floor? 

Not sure what solution is right for you? Every Tiger display is available for rental -- click to learn more!

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Ultra-Portable, Lightweight Graphic Wall System

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Our Most Portable System

  • Under 50lb per ten feet
  • 8-foot height limit
  • Carrying bags or rotomolded cases on wheels for easy transport
  • Setup – under 30 minutes per 10 feet
  • Some custom elements to help you stand out from the crowd
  • Excellent for Rep Groups and linear events – a superior recruiting tool.
  • Marketing that's fast, easy and great looking at any trade show.


Portable Displays


Modular System for All Sizes, From Tabletop to Island

JAMF Island


Our Most Modular System

  • Weighs 150lb–225lb per ten feet
  • Displays up to 15 feet tall
  • Rotomolded cases with wheels for easy transport
  • Setup – 1 hour per ten feet
  • Great for mounting heavy technology systems and experiential marketing
  • Backlit LightBox displays
  • Locking full-height and cubby doors
  • Goes from Linear to Island with ease
  • Perfect for island trade show rentals


Modular Displays


Extremely Bright and a Fast Setup in a Small Package.

NE Monitoring TigerBrite on


Our Super-Bright Backlit System

Studies have shown that bright lighting improves attentiveness -- so why wouldn't you want the brightest display on the show floor? TigerBrite is available in sizes from tabletop to ten feet in a single unit. Improve your ROI with bright backlighting!

  • Super-bright backlighting in a small package
  • As light as 30 pounds and as small as a bag of golf clubs


Backlit Displays