When you consider making an investment in a TigerLite property from a table top display to an island environment, you always have three investment options. Purchase, Rental and Rental to Purchase. These three options give you the maximum flexibility to meet your marketing and budget needs. 

More Impact for your dollars!

  • This allows you to make a bigger splash with less funds!
  • You can get what you need without compromise due to capital budget limitations. TigerLite has many unique accessories that you can rent as your needs demand them. Invest in your backwall but rent the appropriate accessories (shelving, monitor mounts, Counters) as shows demands dictate.

Low risk trial

  • You can try out a TigerLite exhibit before you invest. Ask our sales team how our Rent to Purchase programs work.

Remove the hassle of getting budgets approved:

  • Remove the need to get a capital budget approved.

Makes doing that one time bigger event a lot more cost effectively!

  • Allows you to expand your current Lite booth for that one time larger event without a capital investment. Just add the TigerLite appropriate components, panels, lights, etc.

Eliminate the ownership cost associated with purchasing an exhibit: Storage, refurbishment, repairs, disposal.
Are you exhibiting in Europe? Asia? Middle East? South America? Save money and hassle of shipping your exhibit to these markets. Rent TigerLite locally!