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Exhibit Rentals
and Services

Get more from your dollar

Rentals and trade show services to help you get more from your dollar and reduce stress. We can handle everything from design to storage so you can focus on finding customers and selling your product.

Services offered:

  • Design
  • Freight Arrangements
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • In-and-out display storage and maintenance of any system -- even things we don't sell!
  • Display and equipment rentals -- anything we sell, we will rent.

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Brookstone 2016 crop web

Rentals are available on every product, from single TigerLinks to full-scale islands! The Brookstone Island featured above was a rental!


When you consider making an investment in a Tiger property from a tabletop display to an island environment, you always have three investment options. Purchase, Rental and Rental-to-Purchase. These three options give you the maximum flexibility to meet your marketing and budget needs.

More Impact for your dollars!

  • Make a bigger splash with less funds!
  • You can get what you need without compromising due to budget limitations. Tiger's products has many unique accessories that you can rent as your needs demand them. Invest in your backwall but rent the appropriate accessories (shelving, monitor mounts, Counters) as shows/demands dictate.

Low risk trial

  • You can try out a TigerLite exhibit before you invest. Ask our sales team how our Rent-to-Purchase programs work.

Remove the hassle of getting budgets approved:

  • Remove the need to get a capital budget approved.

Makes that one-time big event a lot more cost effective!

  • Leave a big impression at your most important show, without blowing your whole budget! Rentals save you money and time when bundled with turn-key install and dismantle.

Eliminate the ownership cost associated with purchasing an exhibit: Storage, refurbishment, repairs, disposal.

Are you exhibiting in Europe? Asia? Middle East? South America? Save money and hassle of shipping your exhibit to these markets. Rent Tiger displays locally!

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Graphics Services

From complete display design to final proofing, our graphic designers offer a full suite of graphics services. You can come to us with a sketch, a full draft of a graphic, or no idea what you want at all! We can help you get where you want to go.

Freight Arrangements

Save yourself the headache of arranging freight for your display! We’ll handle all the nitty-gritty and provide you with a tracking number so you can follow your display as it travels.

Click here to read about how we’re working to save you money on freight.

Installation and Dismantling

We work with a trusted group of I&D providers who have experience with our products and proactive managers to make sure your display is set up correctly and on time.

In-and-Out Display Storage and Maintenance

Do you have a small office? Maybe you’re a startup and don’t want to handle shipping and receiving for your display? We can handle it.

When we receive your display, we’ll hold on to it until the next time you need it. When that next shipment comes, we’ll set it up and check it to make sure everything is ready for another great show. If it’s broken, we’ll make it whole again — even if it’s not one of our systems!

Click here to download an info sheet for our in-and-out services.

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