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Recruiting Displays

Ultra-Portable Displays for Recruiters on the Move!

The TigerLink Seamless Graphic Wall is the easiest way to represent your brand at your next job or recruiting fair. Full 10-foot displays under 50 pounds and tabletops under 40 pounds in a wheeled case

All TigerLink displays feature field-swappable graphics, so you can be sure you're targeting the right applicants at every show!

Pricing starts as low as $595 for tabletop units!

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Set Yourself Apart

Fast, Easy Setup

Easily Packs in a Car

Interchangeable Graphics

A clear and bold header

Multiple Sizes Available

Two Heights – 60 inches and 89 inches

Link together as many as you need, creating graphics as small as 33.5" wide or wider than 100 feet!

Simple Linking for Beautiful Graphics

Magnets hold the graphics together and aligned, meaning fast setup and teardown without sacrificing the look of a seamless graphic!

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How It Works

Instructional Videos

Basic setup, Linking units, accessories, and troubleshooting – the whole collection is available at the link below.

How It Works


  • Height: 89" | 2260mm
  • Width: 33.5" | 850mm
  • Weight (in hard-sided tube): 16.5lb | 7.5kg

An average 10-foot displays weighs under 50lb with TigerLink!

Graphic Dimensions

  • Height: 2175mm | 85.63"
  • Width: 850mm | 33.46"