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Backlit Displays

TigerBrite – A Truly Portable Light Box

Bright enough to knock your socks off, and portable enough to fit in small cars or even hand-carry into a venue. TigerBrite displays weigh as little as 30 pounds and fit in one case the size of a bag of golf clubs.

Available in 37", 64", 91", and 117" widths at 92" tall.
Full-height displays starting at $3,284.

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How can TigerBrite help you?

"It's Really Bright!"

Draw attention at every event! Studies have shown that luminance is correlated with improved attention, our patent-pending lighting is as bright as possible!

Highly Portable

Lightweight components and padded packaging makes it easy to bring with you, where ever you go.

Jessie carrying TigerBrite Bags

Fast, Easy Setup

Patent-pending magnetic connectors make setup a breeze! Keyed to prevent incorrect assembly, parts hold together with magnets. No spring buttons, no twisting/sagging frames!

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Bright, Even Backlighting from Edge to Edge

A Patent-Pending Solution to Give You The Best Result

By combining time-tested LED technology and some ingenuity, we've come up with a lighting system that eliminates bright spots and dark spots, without the hassle of lattice lighting.

  • Bright, even lighting from edge to edge.
  • Simply rolls up and packs in an included padded tube.
  • Backing material helps prevent damage and add brightness

Compact, Portable Packaging

Lightweight components and padded containers makes it easy to bring with you, where ever you go.


  • 64"x64" – 30 pounds
  • 64"x92" – 34 pounds
  • 91"x92" – 44 pounds
  • 117"x92" – 52 pounds

Travel Case weighs 11 pounds.

64" inch wide models can fit in in just one travel case!
91" and 117" wide models can pack in two travel cases.

Fast, Easy Setup

Thoughtful design to make your job easier

A patent-pending connection makes setup fast.

  • Magnets hold parts together – no fussy spring-buttons
  • Parts only connect in one direction, preventing incorrect assembly
  • Color-coded parts to get everything in the right order. Match orange to orange, green to green, etc.
  • Snug connections prevent frame twisting or sagging.
  • Limited number of parts – corners and tubes are all identical, meaning lost parts can be easily replaced.

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