Unbranded Videos

All the videos available below feature content edited to remove Tiger Presentations branding wherever possible. They have also been uploaded to an independent account on Vimeo that features no connection to Tiger whatsoever. Visit the account here.

 To use these videos, either:

-- Use the Paper Airplane icon to create an embed for your website
-- Or click the title of the video (the blue or orange text) to visit the Vimeo page and find the download button below the video.

Basic TigerLink Setup

Connecting Two TigerLinks

Change Out TigerLink Graphics

Re-Tension TigerLink Base

TigerLink Light Installation

TigerLink Teardown

TigerLink Header/Caps Install

TigerLink Full Setup

Packing TigerLink Units

Unpacking TigerLink Units

TigerLink Endcap