Our Story

Tiger Presentations History

Since 1986 the management of Tiger Presentations has helped companies maximize their return on their direct marketing investments with exhibits of all types and forms. Over almost two decades, our satisfied customers received not only quality leads, but also saw their cost to deliver these leads go down.  Continual exhibit innovations built our clients' awareness, while reducing their operating costs. By cutting out the bulk and weight of our exhibits we helped drive down our clients exhibit expenses. 

Our passion to generate the maximum return on our clients' investments led to our constant pursuit of more cost effective tools to accomplish our clients' goals. So each year, we found more innovative ways of reducing weight and bulk that drove up operating costs. In 1998 the leadership of Tiger Presentations introduced a retractable banner stand to the US market that revolutionized the way companies could market themselves. The finance department no longer saw huge shipping bills, late rush shipping charges, nor repetitive remake of graphic panels.
Tiger Presentations has captured this spirit of low cost marketing tools by focusing our marketing solutions on making our clients' investment be only what the customer sees, not what the client doesn't see, freight, handling, repairs.  In 2001 we introduced the marketing community to portable exhibiting solutions with virtually no operating costs.

Tiger Presentations Mission

Our mission is to make face to face marketing work for you.
Finding customers is every company's challenge.
Finding them cost effectively is even more challenging.

Customers patterns change and companies are finding it more and more difficult to reach their audiences in the traditional mediums. High cost traditional marketing tools do not work anymore. Tiger Presentations marketing solutions are tools which can help attract the attention of your potential customer without the high associated cost of traditional marketing tools. They are lightweight, saving shipping and handling costs. Set up in seconds, with no special labor required. We designed them to work in all kinds of selling environments. This spreads your marketing investment over the entire year, not just over a few events.

Innovative Products Designed by Our Clients' Demands!

Innovation by Demand. Each of our products is not only of sound, durable construction but is designed to meet the demands of our clients. For example, our Sidewinder retractable banner stand has an attached center pole, because our clients were tired of losing poles when using competing systems and demanded a better solution. Our banner stand is also scalable, because our clients demanded an investment which could grow as their needs changed. From a one-sided graphic banner to a double-sided graphic banner!